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Online Python Interpreter

This tool lets you run Python code in your browser.

Enter your code in the code box and press 'Run' to see the output in the output box.


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About the tool

You can use this page to experiment with Python programming however you like. Simply enter your code in the editor above and press the "Run" button to run it.

Behind the scenes, our server runs your program in a Python interpreter and collects the output. It then displays the result of running your code in the output box.

An interpreter is a tool that can run your Python code. Normally you would run your code on your local machine, but having access to an online interpreter can come in handy in several situations, for example if you want to test some code on a system without Python installed. The tool is also very useful on mobile phones and tablets, where installing proper tooling is tricky.

This tool is also sometimes called an online Python compiler, but that is technically incorrect. Actually a Python compiler translates a .py file to a .pyc file containing bytecode.