Python Principles

Python Programming Course

Become competent at programming
with practical, interactive lessons

Learn through practical exercises

Tired of reading or passively watching videos? Learn programming by actually programming. With engaging practical exercises you will truly master each concept.


We assume no prior programming experience. The first tutorial explains the absolute basics in a pedagogical way. If you have prior experience you can skip ahead to harder material.

Rapid feedback means fun

Experiment, run your code, and get instant feedback on whether you correctly solved the exercise. With immediate feedback, solving challenges is far more rewarding.

Truly understand

Practical exercises are interleaved with bits of text explaining why each concept is worth understanding and how it may be used to solve real problems.

Become a Python programmer

Python Principles is the most effective way to learn the fundamentals of Python. After taking our lessons, you will have enough experience to write your own programs from scratch.