Python Principles

About us

Python Principles is an online learning platform that helps beginners learn to program in Python.

Programming is a skill that requires active practice to learn. The fastest, most effective way to improve at programming is to actually write code. However, beginners often spend their time passively watching videos or reading textbooks, barely writing any code.

We built Python Principles so that beginners can learn the theory of programming and immediately practice using it. The site features over 40 lessons covering fundamental concepts that every beginner needs to learn. As you go through the course our system acts as a mentor, automatically checking each line of code you write for correctness and providing constructive feedback. We also have a Discord community where you can always ask a human for live help.

Python Principles is based in Denmark, Scandinavia, and is lead by Thomas Hybel. Thomas holds a graduate degree in Computer Science, has a decade of programming experience, and is passionate about teaching programming effectively. Python is his favorite programming language.

We are constantly refining the site and lessons. We would love to hear your opinion - please get in touch if you have input. We're also available for live chat in the Discord if you need help with anything.