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How do I find the length of a list?
How do I deep copy a list?
How do you test several variables against a value?
How do you create a variable number of variables?
How do I flatten a list in Python?
How do you split up a list into chunks of the same size?
How can I read a number as input from the user?
What is a tuple?
How do I sort a dictionary?
How do I count how many times a list item occurs?
How can I append to a file?
How do I list all files in a directory?
How do I print without making a new line?
What is the underscore variable for?
How do I remove duplicates from a list?
How do you reverse a string in Python?
What is the walrus operator in Python?
F-strings: what does an equals sign do?
How do you JSON-serialize a class in Python?
How do I write JSON data to a file?
What is the biggest integer you can use in Python?
How do you print to a file in Python?
How do I print smilies or emoticons in Python?
How do I count the words in a string?
How do I read a large file line by line in Python?

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